Friday, March 4, 2016

Some Buford Production Stuff

Not that much stuff available on "The Buford Files," but here are some:

This first one is a background scene of old Jeb Crowly's place from the episodes "Swamp Hermit" and Missing Gator. The backgrounds for Buford were way better than the cheesy animation HB was doing at the time. This scene is very atmosphereic, and evokes place setting of the great Okefenokee Swamp very well. I can almost here the churring of the insects and frogs, and cries of night birds and the bellows of bull gators in the encroaching evening.

This next one is from the episode "The Magic Whammy" which featured the villainous magician The Grat Zambini. A great shot of Fenokee Theatre.

And, finally, an actual production cel of Cindy Mae Boggs, the crafty redheaded leader of the Buford gang! I just uncovered this on ebay, and am bidding on it as I type.

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